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Check out how iLearn Tool supports Tutors and Apprentices in monitoring the entire Apprenticeship Programme.

Professional Profile

It is a coherent set of processes and activities to be carried out in the workplace. It identifies the skills necessary to perform the activities.

Apprenticeship Programme

It is the learning path that binds apprentice, school and company in a given period of time, aimed at achieving a title for a given professional profile.


These are the activites that the apprentice has to carry out as part of the apprenticeship program. iLearn platform enables the apprentice and the tutor to assess the completed tasks.

Task Evidence

It is the attachment that the apprentice uploads to iLearn platform in order to highlight the achievement of an activity. It can be a website link, a document, an image or a video.


It allows quick and easy communication between apprentice, school-tutor and company-tutor through iLearn platform.



It shows the average of the Apprentice's personal and professional self-assessments and evaluations. It also allows to compare the apprentice's results with the average ratings obtained by all the school's apprentices.